The Herradura team collaborated with The Mill Design Studio to craft a series of films showcasing the refined luxury of their tequila bottles: Legend and Ultra.
Client: Herradura
Studio: The Mill
Creative Director: Daena Lorne
Art Director: Austin Marola
Executive Producer: James Barbiarz
Producer: Allison Hemmingway 
Design: Jesus Suarez, Jaimie Yoo, Lucas Barbuzzi, Alvero Pastor, Raquel Fernandes, Tiffany Shen, Joshua Michie
3D Model : Brett Lewis
Graphic Design / Illustration :  Richard De Cazalet , Greg Mawicke 
Animation: Jesus Suarez
Print : Tristan Dunk 
Compositing: Alejandro Taylor

Welcome to Legend. This room was inspired by the eclectic drinking bars with a sense of relaxation, refinement and luxury. Filled with opulent velvets and leathers, to speak to the smooth flavors of the tequila. Tastefully embellished with brushed golds and beautiful embroidered patterns. The designs tells the brand's history through the woven textiles. Naturalistic symbolism of the hummingbird that live in the agave fields and the traditional symbol of Mexico, the regal horse. Decorating the room with hidden details of the ecological values of the legend process.   



Welcome to Ultra. This room is designed to create a sense of upbeat energy and signify the feeling of an evening cocktail lounge. The tone of this film reflects the complex flavors that are inspired from the natural process of the agave fields. We wanted it to feel as if you were drinking in the serene evening tones of a luxurious Mexican cocktail lounge overlooking the volcanic rocks. 


Through our RnD process to get to our final films, our artists dived into lighting and color exploration. As well as using Houdini to work into the fabric details. Using a complex set up of both substance painter and simulations to create complex beading work.

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