University of Central Florida
Basketball Team Intro

We created this intro for the UCF basketball team. I was invited to collaborate with other Full Sail students and my roles included Design, Animation, Roto and Concept.

Creative Team
Aziz Dosmetov: Design, Animation, 3D, Roto, Concept
Jesus Suarez: Design, Animation, Roto, Concept
Scotty Swemba: Design, Animation, Roto, Concept
Chris Schaeffer: Storyboard, Concept

Handel Eugene: Producer/Director, Design, Animation, Roto, Concept, 

Film Team
Daniel Keener: Co-Director
Jordan Loop: Camera Opp
Mike Rutherford: Head of Production
Bobbi Degnan:Head of Production

UCF Production Team
David Belawski: Director
Brian Fernandez: Camera Opp

Joe Liptock: Sound Design

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